Theretra alecto




from the southern Balkans and Bulgaria around the southeast Mediterranean from Egypt through the Middle East and Turkey  and further east through the warmer parts of continental Asia to India, Indonesia, Taiwan, southern Japan and the Philippines.


In between 7,5 and 10 cm


In captivity continuously (when kept warm). In the wild multiple generations from (March) April to as late as November, depending on local conditions. 

Food plants:

primarily Vitaceae  (Vitis, Cissus, Parthenocissus, Ampelopsis, ...),  also recorded on Rubiaceae (Rubia, Psychotria, ...) and Dillenia


An easy species, suitable for newcomers. Very fast growing (full grown in less then a month). Keep in well ventilated plastic containers in all stages, but watch out for condensation and do not give wet leaves (keep everything as dry as possible). The caterpillars grow fairly large and have an enormous appetite. Make sure you have enough food plant available. The pupal stage is short, only a few weeks at summer temperatures. When kept in between 5 and 12 degrees Celsius the pupae will hibernate through winter. Use an unheated (frost free) room and not the fridge for this.