About the Eupterotidae



The Monkey Moth family (Eupterotidae) is closest related to the Brahmaeidae. The almost 400 species (in 60 genera) occur in Africa and Asia (south to Australia). 

The members are small to large sized moths. The larger species can easily be mistaken for a giant silk moth (Saturniidae). The coloration however tends to be fairly dull often white, yellowish or brown. Only a handful of species are somewhat more colorful. 

There is still much to learn about these moths. Saying that this is an understudied family is an understatement. 


Rearing Eupterotidae



Breeding Eupterotidae is highly experimental. Very few species have been reared so far. One of the main reasons for this is the food plants. For many species they are still unknown. Based on my own experience with numerous species from Malawi (especially from the Stenoglene, Jana, Hemijana and Camerunia genera, but also several Phiala), it is safe to say that many are specialist feeders. So far I have not yet found suitable alternative food plants for these. The Asian species seem a little more willing to take alternatives.

Many species seem to be slow growing with only one annual flight and a caterpillar stage of several months.

Despite all this, it's worth trying to rear Monkey Moths. The hairy caterpillars are often very beautiful.

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