About the superfamilies Bombycoidea and Lasiocampoidea


The Silkmoths and close relatives belong to the Bombycoidea, a species rich and diverse superfamily. They are divided in ten families. The Giant Silkmoth or Emperor moth family (Saturniidae)  is the largest, followed by the Hawkmoths (Sphingidae), the Monkey Moths (Eupterotidae), the True Silkmoths (Bombycidae), the American Silkmoths (Apatelodidae) and the Australian Lappets (Anthelidae). Smaller families are the Endromidae,  the Owlmoths (Brahmaeidae), the Phiditiidae and finally the Carthaeidae (a family of only one species).

Related to the Bombycoidea are the Lappets (Lasiocampidae). This large family of more then 2 000 species is the only family within the Lasiocampoidea superfamily.

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