About the Apatelodidae



The  12 genera with 182 members of the American silkmoths (Apatelodidae) were formerly placed within the true silkmoths (Bombycidae). However, this exclusively New World family is closer related to the Brahmaeidae and Eupterotiidae, while the true silkmoths seem somewhere between the giant silkmoths (Saturniidae) and the hawkmoths (Sphingidae).

These are in general smaller, dull colored moths. Far from attractive as an adult. However, many of the caterpillars are quite beautiful, especially those of the Apatelodes genus.


Rearing Apatelodidae


This is uncharted territory. Besides the few North American members of this family (Apatelodes torrefacta & pudefacta and Olceclostera angelica), very few species have ever been reared and illustrated. Dan Janzen did a great job rearing and photographing some species from Costa Rica. His pictures are easily found online. This means that whatever species you get, it is most likely going to be experimental. Make sure you document extensively. Your pictures may very well be the first ever.

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