About the Endromidae



The Endromidae family consisted longtime of only one member, the Kentish Glory (Endromis versicolora). More recently the family has been expanded to include the former Mirinidae and the Oberthueriinae and Prismostictinae, two subfamilies that before that belonged to the Bombycidae family. This now brings the number of species to a total of 70 within 16 genera. 

This is an Eurasian family. Most members are medium sized.


Rearing Endromidae



The rearing of these moths should be easy if you can get livestock. Eggs of most members hatch too fast to send long distance. This is the limiting factor. Either, you need to go and catch some yourself or you need somebody willing to rear them and send you pupae. 

So far, the only Endromidae species I've reared is Endromis versicolora. Only because this is a local and one of the few moths in Belgium that is becoming more common over the last three decades.










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