I like to hear from you. This website is not the bible of silkmoth rearing and if you have different experiences please do tell. If you have a species that is not yet on this website and would like to make a trade, feel free to fill in the form. I'm sure we can come to an arrangement.

There's only one thing I would like to ask you, before you send me questions: did you do some basic research? A lot of questions are answered after five minutes of Google. Do you really want to bother a total stranger without putting some effort in it yourself? I do not mind questions, but some answers are already out there on the Internet, easy to find for everyone willing to spend a few minutes searching. Keep in mind that I have a fulltime job and cannot spend all my time answering basic questions. In the (near) future there will be a 'How to' section on this website which will answer quite many questions, but until then please consider carefully if your question is really that difficult that it cannot be answered by Google.