Proserpinus proserpina




southwest Europe (as far north as Belgium and the southern part of the Netherlands), east as far as Kazakhstan and western China. In the south they are recorded from northern Africa (Morocco and Algeria) and the Middle East (Israel, Lebanon and northern Iran to Pakistan).


around 4,5 cm


one flight in May/June. Sometimes a second (partial) flight. Pupae overwinter

Food plants:

Onagraceae (Oenothera, Epilobium, ...) and Lythrum


Easy if kept dry. Keep the first instars in well ventilated plastic containers, but move to (small) netted cages when older. Especially the final instar does not do well in plastic containers. Keep very clean, dry and warm. When ready to pupate, place each caterpillar in an individual, small container lined with toilet paper. Open and clean out wet toilet paper a few times until they have pupated.


final instar best not in a plastic container