Pachysphinx modesta




fairly common and widespread throughout a large part of northern America, from temperate Canada (British Colombia to Nova Scotia), south throughout the USA all the way to northern Florida and westward to Texas, New Mexico and Oregon. Absent in California, Arizona and Nevada. 


In between 8 and 12 centimeter


one (June/July) or two flights annually depending on temperature. In captivity usually two.

Food plants:

smooth leaved Populus species are preferred, some Salix species are accepted as alternative


an extremely easy species to rear, suitable for newcomers. Keep at room temperature, dry and clean in well ventilated plastic containers. when young and in netted cages when older. Large caterpillars that require significant amounts of food. They are full grown in approximately 4 weeks. Offspring of the second flight overwinters as pupae and should be stored in the fridge.