Marumba quercus




from Morocco, Portugal and Spain throughout Southern and (parts of) Central Europe as far east as western Kazachstan. Also present in the Middle East (Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran). 


In between 8 and 10  centimeter


depends on the local conditions, usually one flight from May to June, but locally a (partial) second flight in August/September. Pupae overwinter

Food plants:

Quercus species, especially Q. ilex, suber, cerris (and others out the cerris group). Alternatively also white oaks (robur, petraea, ...). Does not accept red oaks.


Difficult. Requires warm and very dry rearing conditions. Avoid all moist. Never give wet leaves.  Keep very clean in netted cages. Ready to pupate within 5 to 6 weeks.  The warmer the faster they develop. Pupae after the last flight in autumn should overwinter in a cool, unheated room (but frost free).


broods are only successful under warm and dry conditions