Macroglossum stellatarum




very common all across Europe, straying as far north as Norway and Sweden. Eastwards they are found throughout the entire temperate Palearctic all the way to Japan. Westwards  they have managed to reach the Azores. They not only stray north, but also south. They have captured in southern India and in Africa (this species has been caught as far south as Gambia). 


In between 4 and 5 centimeter


3 or more flights annually, overwinters as adults 

Food plants:

Rubiaceae (Galium, Rubia, Plocama, Pentas, ...), also Epilobium and Centranthus


Easy and suitable for newcomers. Keep warm and clean, in well ventilated plastic containers. The containers can be relatively small as the maximum size of the caterpillars is only 4,5 cm. Very fast growing and ready to pupate in around 20 days. The pupal stage in between the  flights is short (2 to 3 weeks). Overwinters as adult (they only survive a few degrees of frost, but not much). When kept too warm the adults become active and need to feed. 


Overwintering the adults