Lophostethus dumolinii




a large part of sub-Saharan Africa. More recently is has been argumented that dumolinii is not 1, but several species. The species illustrated here originates from the Dzalanyama forest in Malawi


in between 13 and 17 cm. In captivity often on the smaller side, especially when bred during winter months


depends on local conditions, but often only one flight annually, with a pupal stage of 6 to 12 months.

Food plants:

Malvaceae sensu lato. In captivity confirmed on Malva, Lavatera, Alcea, Tilia, Dombeya, Grewia, Hibiscus. The caterpillars in the pictures were reared on Malva arborea


An easy species if you manage to obtain fresh stock. Keep in spacious, well ventilated plastic containers during winter months (because of the central heating) or in netted cages when older during summer months. Avoid condensation, do not give wet leaves, do not spray. Keep warm (room temperature or higher). The egg stage is long for a hawk moth (in between 12 and 16 days, depending on temperature). The pupal stage is very long.