Hyles tithymali




from the Canary and Cape Verde Islands, through Northern Africa (Senegal, Mauritania and Morocco east to Egypt, with a separate population in Yemen) in several subspecies (tithymali, deserticola, mauretanica, gecki and himyarensis).


In between 7 and 8 centimeter


continuously, however depending on temperature and humidity

Food plants:

Euphorbia, including E. characias and myrsinitis


Not difficult when kept warm, dry and clean. Fast growing and ready to pupate within 4 weeks. Keep in spacious and well ventilated plastic containers when young.  Older caterpillars in netted cages.  When ready to pupate caterpillars start wandering around and can chew their way out of a netted cage. Place in an individual plastic containers as soon as you see them starting to walk around. The pupal stage between the 2 flights is short (only 2 weeks when kept warm). Do not attempt to diapause them.


no Euphorbia = no caterpillars