Hyles euphorbiae




from Western Europe throughout Central Asia east to Western China and southwest Mongolia. Introduced in the USA and Canada.


In between 7 and 8,5 centimeter


usually 2 flights (May/June and August/September). In captivity continuously when kept too warm.

Food plants:

Most Euphorbia species (including common garden plants like Euphorbia characias and myrsinitis)


Not difficult and suitable for newcomers. Keep warm and dry in spacious and well ventilated plastic containers. The colorful caterpillars are fast growing and are ready to pupate within 4 weeks. The pupal stage between the two flights is short (only 2 to 3 weeks). The pupae resulting from the second flight should be placed in the fridge immediately. If kept above 18°C the moths will emerge and produce a winter generation. Even though there are evergreen Euphorbia species, it is not recommended to continue through winter. The rearing will be much more difficult.


no Euphorbia = no caterpillars