Hippotion celerio




throughout Africa (except the deserts and very dry regions), southern Europe and (sub)tropical Asia. It migrates annually as far north as Denmark and south to most of Australia. 


In between 5,5 and 7 centimeter


continuously, with up to 5 flights annually

Food plants:

Onagraceae (Epilobium, Clarkia, Oenothera, Fuchsia, ...), Vitaceae (Vitis, Parthenocissus, Cissus, ...), Lythraceae (Lythrum, Cuphea, ...), Impatiens, Polygonaceae (Rumex, Polygonum, ...), Araceae (Zantedeschia, Arum, ...) and more


Easy and suitable for newcomers. Keep warm and clean, in well ventilated plastic containers. when young, move to a netted cage when older. Very fast growing and ready to pupate within 3 to 4 weeks. The pupal stage in between the  flights is short (2 to 3 weeks). It's nearly impossible to overwinter the pupae, adults emerge even with temperatures as low as 10°C. Treat as a continuously brooding species.