Deilephila porcellus




widespread throughout the Palearctic region, from Ireland and parts of the UK across Europe and Russia southwards to Northern Africa (Atlas Mountains). And from the Middle East, Turkey, Iraq and Iran, throughout Central Asia all the way to China.


In between 4 and 6 centimeter


depends on the local conditions, usually one brood from late May to early June. In the warmer regions and n captivity usually 2. The pupae overwinter.

Food plants:

Galium (including G. aparine) preferred. Also Epilobium, Vitis and sometimes Lythrum.


Easy and suitable for newcomers. Keep warm and clean, in well ventilated plastic containers. Fast growing and ready to pupate within 4 weeks. The pupal stage in between the 2 summer flights is short (2 to 3 weeks). Pupae after the last flight in autumn can be overwintered in the fridge.