Darapsa choerilus




Eastern USA and from southeast Canada west to northwestern Alberta


In between 5 and 6,5 cm


One flight (late May to August) to multiple flights further south. 

Food plants:

best reared on Viburnum species. Occasionally this species will also accept Vaccinium, Kalmia and some species of Rhododendron, but this is not always the case. If you want to rear them, always make sure you have Viburnum as back up. 


Child's play. Very easy and fast growing (full grown in less then a month). Keep in well ventilated plastic containers. Don't overcrowd and keep things dry (watch out for condensation when you put too much leaves in a plastic container, even when it's well ventilated) . The pupal stage can be short, only a few weeks at room temperature or the pupae overwinter (in the fridge). This seems more linked to the origin of the brood then to your actual rearing temperatures. Stock from northern regions does not seem to produce more flights when reared warmer.