Daphnis nerii




throughout the Mediterranean, a large part of Africa, the Middle East and Arabia and further east throughout (sub)tropical Asia east to the Philippines.  This is a migratory species flying north as far as Denmark and parts of Russia. This species has also managed to reach Hawaii and has established a viable population over there.


In between 8 and 11 centimeter


continuously if kept warm

Food plants:

Nerium and other Apocynaceae, Ligustrum ovalifolium is a good alternative in captivity. Also reported to feed on certain Rubiaceae (Gardenia, Coffea, ...) and on Mangifera and Vitis.


Easy and suitable for newcomers. Keep warm and clean, in well ventilated plastic containers. Fast growing and ready to pupate within 4 weeks. The pupal stage is short (2 to 3 weeks).