Ceratomia undulosa




from Southern Canada south throughout the United States, east of the Rocky Mountains all the way to Texas and further south into Mexico.


In between 7 and 11 centimeter


depending on local conditions, 1 (May to August) or 2 (March to October) flights annually, in captivity often 2. Pupae overwinter.

Food plants:

Fraxinus (best), Ligustrum and Syringa are well accepted alternatives


Very easy and suitable for newcomers. Fast growing when kept warm, ready to pupate within less then 4 weeks. Keep in spacious, well ventilated plastic containers when young, but move to a netted cage when older. This species is voracious and requires large quantities of food, something to keep in mind. The pupal stage  in between two summer flights is short (around 3 weeks). The pupae overwinter in the fridge.