Ampelophaga rubiginosa




the more southern parts of central and east Asia from northeast Afghanistan and Pakistan via the Himalayan foothills through India, Bhutan, Nepal and southern China all the way to the Korean Peninsula, the Russian Far East and Japan. South via Thailand to Malaysia and the north part of Sumatra.


In between 7 and 9 (10) centimeter


depending on local conditions, 1 to 3 flights annually, in captivity almost continuously when kept warm

Food plants:

Vitaceae (Vitis, Parthenocissus, Cissus, ...)


Not difficult. Fast growing when kept warm. Within 4 weeks the caterpillars are full grown and make a flimsy cocoon at the bottom of the cage. Keep in spacious, well ventilated plastic containers (all instars, there is no need to move them to a netted cage). The pupal stage is short (only 2 to 3 weeks). 


none as long as you have the proper food plants