Agrius convolvuli




present (in huge numbers) in most of Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, subtropical and tropical Asia to Australia and even on some Pacific islands like Tahiti. They are strong migrants that fly northwards each year. Offspring of the first migrants can be common in many parts of Europe and Russia. They have even been recorded a few times from Iceland.


In between 9 and 13 centimeter


continuously if kept warm

Food plants:

Convolvulaceae (Convolvulus, Ipomoea, Calystegia, ...) are preferred. Occasionally also on Rumex, Phaseolus, Helianthus and Chrysanthemum


Not difficult, just keep in mind that cut Convolvulus and/or Ipomoea does not stay fresh very long. Changing the food daily is recommended, so is cleaning. The first 3 instars are slow growing and small and should be kept in well ventilated plastic containers. From the 4th instar on they rapidly gain in size (and can grow up to 10, even 11 cm). Continue in spacious plastic containers. The pupal stage is short (only 2 weeks).