Saturnia pyri

Subgenus Saturnia




Europe, from Spain and France east to Russia (as far as Siberia) and south to Northern Africa and the Middle East


in between 10 and 16 cm


one flight in Spring (March to May depending on local conditions). Cocoons overwinter.

Food plants:

Crataegus, Prunus, Pyrus, Malus preferred. Also Fraxinus.


Can be more challenging. Cocoons can overwinter in the fridge. Take out as soon as the host plants are back into leaves. Caterpillars should be reared warm and dry in a netted cage. Never give wet leaves. Sensitive to poor quality of food. If you live in a warmer region, best raised outdoors sleeved on a living tree. However, despite their bad reputation, it is possible to rear them indoors. Fast growing and ready to pupate in less then 6 weeks.


sensitive, needs a lot of fresh air and is best reared in a netted cage