Saturnia pyretorum

Subgenus Saturnia




southern China, Taiwan, northern Vietnam


in between 8 and 10 cm


one flight fromJanuary to February. In captivity sometimes later. Eggs do not really overwinter, but the development can be slowed down a little by keeping them in the fridge.

Food plants:

Liquidambar preferred, more reluctant also Prunus spinosa, Rosa and sometimes Crataegus


Not difficult once they are eating. Getting the moths to emerge as late as possible is the most difficult part. Only place the eggs in the fridge when you receive them in the middle of the winter and keep them there as short as possible  Take out as soon as you have fresh leaves.  Growth is fast. Ready to pupate within 5 weeks. The cocoons oversummer and the moths appear late winter. Keep in well ventilated plastic containers or in netted cages at room temperature. 


eggs are usually available before the hosts are back into leaves, the longer in the fridge the lower the hatch rate