Saturnia pavoniella

Subgenus Eudia




the  Alpine regions across the Mediterranean east to Turkey and the Caucasus and north to the Czech Republic


between 45 and 70 mm for the males and between 50 and 95 mm for the females.


one flight from (late) February to April. In captivity sometimes earlier. Cocoons overwinter

Food plants:

Crataegus, Rosa, Rubus, Sorbus, Malus, Prunus spinosa, Spiraea, Potentilla and other Rosaceae. Also Calluna, Carpinus, Betula and Salix


Not difficult. Take the cocoons out of the fridge as soon as the hawthorn or willows are starting to regrow.  Moths emerge approximately 2 weeks later. Growth is fast (ready to pupate within 5 to 6 weeks).  Keep in well ventilated plastic containers or better in netted cages at room temperature.