Saturnia jonasii

Subgenus Rinaca (synonym: Caligula)


Saturnia jonasii fukudai

Subgenus Rinaca (synonym: Caligula)




Japan, Taiwan (the subspecies fukudai from Taiwan is probably a valid species)


in between 8 and 10 cm


one flight from (late) September to November. In captivity sometimes earlier. Eggs overwinter.

Food plants:

Crataegus, Prunus padus, Quercus


Not difficult. Take the eggs out of the fridge as soon as the hawthorn is starting to regrow.  Caterpillars prefer the very young and fresh leaves. Growth is fast (ready to pupate within 4 to 5 weeks). The cocoons oversummer and the moths appear as soon as the nights become cooler. Keep in well ventilated plastic containers or in netted cages when older at room temperature. The eggs overwinter.