Saturnia caecigena

Subgenus Perisomena




from Italy (east of Venice near the Croation border) and southeastern Austria through Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece to Turkey and the Caucasus Mountains, with an isolated population in the mountains of Israel and Lebanon. 


In between 6 and 9 cm


one flight from late September to November. Eggs overwinter.

Food plants:

Quercus (out of the white oak and cerris groups, not red oaks)


Not difficult. Take the eggs out of the fridge as soon as the oaks are starting to regrow. The eggs hatch withing a few days after been taken out of the fridge. Caterpillars prefer the very young and fresh leaves. Growth is fast (ready to pupate within 4 weeks). The cocoons oversummer and the moths appear as soon as the nights become cooler then 10°C. Keep in well ventilated plastic containers at room temperature. The eggs overwinter.