Samia ricini




a domesticated species, derived from Samia canningi


around 10 cm, sometimes a little more, but usually smaller (and darker) then Samia cynthia


continuously, with up to 6 flights annually

Food plants:

nearly every shrub and tree, but with a preference for Ailanthus, Salix, Liquidambar, Oleaceae (Fraxinus, Ligustrum, Olea, Jasminum, ...) and Rosaceae (Rosa, Malus, Prunus, Pyrus, Pyracantha, Photinia, Crataegus, ...)


An easy species, suitable for newcomers, even children. Keep at room temperature, warm and dry, in spacious well ventilated plastic containers (or in a netted cage for the final instar). During drier summer months outdoors sleeved on a living shrub or tree. Fast growing and ready to pupate in around 4 weeks. The pupal stage in between 2 flights is short, usually 2 to 3  weeks  (if kept warm enough). This species does not diapause.