Rothschildia lebeau




This used to be a widespread species occurring from the southern USA (Arizona) and Mexico south to Argentina, in several different subspecies. However, many of the subspecies have been elevated to full species status, making the distribution of 'true' lebeau much smaller, however it is unclear to me where exactly.


In between 10 to 12,5 cm


Usually at least 2 flights. Depending on the subspecies more or less continuously in captivity when kept warm.

Food plants:

Ligustrum, Fraxinus, Prunus


An easy species. Rear warm (in between 25 and 30 °C during the day), dry and clean in spacious, well ventilated, plastic containers (or in a netted cage when older). Ready to pupate within 4 weeks (or less when kept very warm). The pupal stage in between 2 flights is short (3 to 4 weeks). The cocoons of the last flight can overwinter in an unheated (frost free) room until spring. The fridge is not recommended.