Rothschildia erycina




from (southern) Mexico throughout Central America into the northern part of South America (Venezuela, Trinidad, Suriname, Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador,  Colombia)


a fairly small species with a wingspan in between 9 and 11 centimeter


more or less continuously, however adults emerge very irregular and there can be months between individuals

Food plants:

most species of Ligustrum, also Fraxinus and Ailanthus


Fairly easy on Ligustrum. Keep in well ventilated plastic containers, which need to be spacious when the caterpillars become older. Watch out for condensation  and do not give wet leaves. Like most Rothschildia fairly fast growing.  Ready to pupate in approximately five weeks.  An average living room temperature is enough The pupal stage is short (only a few weeks)  to very long (more then a year). There does not seem to be any logic in when the adults want to emerge, it all seems very random. Do not despair or throw away your cocoons too soon. One day you look into the cage and will see a moth ...


finally getting some adults