Periphoba (nigra) ifei




Ecuador. The status of ifei needs confirmation. This might be a subspecies of P. nigra, however there is more grey scaling, day flying males and some difference in DNA


around 7 (males) to 10 (12) (females) cm


Only one flight early in the year, with occasionally some individuals emerging in autumn

Food plants:

Polyphage. Does well on Betulaceae (Corylus, Betula, Carpinus, Alnus), Fagaceae (Quercus, Fagus, ...) and Rosaceae (Crataegus, Rosa, Malus, ...)


Not difficult. Keep the first instars in well ventilated plastic containers, but move to a netted cage when older (from the fifth instar onwards). Keep dry and clean, at an average living room temperature. The caterpillars take approximately six weeks to develop. The pupal stage is long (at least several months). The moths need a higher humidity to emerge.