Paradirphia fumosa






in between 5 and 7 cm. 


one flight in June/July. Pupae overwinter

Food plants:

Especially Fabaceae (Robinia, Gleditsia, ...) more reluctantly also smooth leaved Salix species


Not easy,  one of the more difficult Paradirphia species. Keep in relatively small, well ventilated plastic containers at an average living room temperature. Keep in mind that cut Fabaceae, do not stay fresh for very long. Replace food daily. It will take five to six weeks before they start to pupate. The pupae can overwinter fairly dry (just spray now and then to prevent them from drying out), in an unheated (but frostfree) room.


Getting the freshly hatched caterpillars to eat can be somewhat challenging, however this is not the case for Robinia