Molippa flavodiosiana




Peru (maybe adjacent countries, however given the confusion with similar species like for example simillima the exact distribution is still somewhat unclear)


in between 7 and 9 cm 


continuously in captivity when kept warm

Food plants:

Robinia and probably other shrubs and trees out the legume family (Fabaceae)


An easy species, suitable for newcomers.  Keep at room temperature or warmer. Keep in well ventilated, plastic containers (it will help to keep the food plant fresh enough). Do not spray, do not give wet leaves, watch out for condensation. Keep very clean. Social caterpillars, but do not overcrowd. Fast growing. Ready to pupate in 4 to 5 weeks. The pupal stage can be variable, with moths emerging over a longer period of time without diapausing. 


getting the moths to emerge closely together