Ludia orinoptena




most of Sub-Saharan Africa, from Gambia in the west to Kenya in the east and all the way south to South-Africa.


In between 5 and 6 cm


one or two flights annually during the rainy season. In captivity somewhat irregular and difficult to get them to emerge

Food plants:

Ocimum basilicum and probably other closely related Lamiaceae


Not difficult when kept warm in well ventilated plastic containers. Clean often. Because of the high water content of the leaves things get messy rather quickly. Fast growing and ready to pupate within 4 weeks. This species makes small cocoons at the bottom of the container and in between leaves. Because of the small size the cocoons are easily overlooked, so check very carefully when changing the food. The pupal stage can be everything in between a couple of weeks and a few months (depending on your rearing conditions).


obtaining enough food plants that are not chemically treated  (organic basil from the supermarket)