Lemaireodirphia lasiocampina




(Western) Mexico, a common species


7 to 9 (10 ) cm, females significantly larger then males, but more dull colored


more or less continuously when kept warm

Food plants:

Quercus, Fagus, Corylus, Carpinus, Betula, Robinia and many more


Very easy, suitable for children. Keep in well ventilated plastic containers or netted cages when older. Watch out for condensation when kept in plastic containers and do not give wet leaves. Not the fastest grower. It takes seven to eight weeks  to pupate . A living room temperature is enough, though higher temperatures make them grow a little bit faster. The pupal stage is only a couple of weeks when kept warm, however they can be overwintered as pupae when stored cool immediately after pupating (they can stay all winter in a cool but frost free room, not in the fridge). Always check them regularly. Some adults may emerge even with fairly low temperatures.