Hemileuca nuttalli




from British Columbia (Canada) into the (western) USA (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah to western Colorado, Wyoming and Montana)


approximately 6 to 7 cm


One flight annually during summer months from July to September. One growth cycle takes several years, with eggs overwintering the first winter and pupae the second

Food plants:

best reared on Symphoricarpos


Very difficult outside their natural areal. Keep in small, well ventilated plastic containers when young but move to a netted cage when they reach fourth instar. Prefers a warm and sunny spot, which means artificial light when your rearing conditions are too dark. The eggs overwinter in the fridge and should be taken out as soon as there is fresh growth on the Symphoricarpos (which can already be in March). The pupae overwinter a second time in a cool frost free room and moths normally emerge the second summer. However, when the conditions are not ideal this can also be the third or the fourth summer. This species does not rush things. A lot of patience is required and unfortunately this also means there is a lot of time to make mistakes and kill your animals.


pretty much everything