Gonimbrasia hecate




West and Central Africa, from Ivory Coast and Mali to Tanzania. The animals depicted here originate from Larabanga (Ghana)


10 to 12 cm


in captivity at least two flights annually, but not continuously. Pupal stage can take months

Food plants:

Salix caprea, Salix cinerea, Quercus. Probably fairly polyphage.


Suitable for newcomers, though a minimum of experience is required. Keep in spacious, well ventilated plastic containers. Watch out for condensation and do not give wet leaves. Make sure the food is clean and fresh.  Keep at living room temperature or warmer. The caterpillars are ready to pupate within 5 to 6 weeks. The pupal stage can take several weeks to even months, especially during the cooler part of the year. 


avoid moist conditions