Copaxa witti




(Western) Ecuador


9 to 12 cm


more or less continuously when kept warm, however adults emerge more and more irregular when inbred

Food plants:

Lauraceae (Persea, Laurus, …), Salix cinerea and Salix caprea are also very well accepted


Easy, suitable for children. Recent years quite often available from Ecuador import, however the quality isn't always that well. Keep in well ventilated plastic containers. Netted cages can be used when older, but keep in mind that cut Salix dries out fairly quickly in a netted cage. Poor food quality is in this case worse then some humidity in a plastic container; though too much moist and condensation is never recommended. Fast growing and ready to pupate in approximately  five to six weeks . A living room temperature is enough, though higher (summer) temperatures make them grow a little bit faster. The pupal stage can be short or months. Adults don't always emerge close together, which seems to worsen rapidly with inbred.