Copaxa multifenestrata




This species used to occur from Mexico to northern Peru, but has been divided into multiple species. So now probably Mexico and Belize. In the rest of Central America they might be replaced by close relatives.


In between 9 and 11 cm


in captivity 2 to 3 flights. Cocoons overwinter

Food plants:

Salix (especially caprea and cinerea), Persea, Liquidambar


An easy species, suitable for newcomers. Keep warm (minimum room temperature) and clean. Rear in spacious, well ventilated plastic containers. Avoid condensation. Fast growing. Ready to pupate within 4 weeks (depending on temperature and quality of the food). Pupal stage is short (approximately 3 to 4 weeks). The cocoons overwinter in a cool, unheated room (frost free). The fridge is not recommended.