Copaxa haxairei






one of the smallest in the genus: in between 4,5 (males)  and 7,5 (females) cm.


one or two flights annually during summer months. Additional (partial) flights late autumn are possible and in captivity almost certain with some adults even emerging with very low temperatures (less then 10 °C)

Food plants:

Pinus species, but not all. Can be reared on Pinus sylvestris.


Very difficult, not suitable for newcomers. Keep in well ventilated plastic containers when young. Older caterpillars are best placed on a potted pine. They do not grow well on cut branches. The food must be very clean. Even the slightest pollution will kill the caterpillars. Keep dry with average temperatures (avoid extremes). Slow growing which gives plenty of opportunities to get them killed . The pupal stage is variable, with some adults emerging without diapausing while others overwinter (in a cool but frost free room).


weep while your brood perishes again for the zillionth time