Citheronia regalis




USA, from Texas and Florida north to Missouri and Massachusetts


In between 10 (males) and 15 (females) cm


usually one, sometimes two flights annually. In captivity more often two. Pupae overwinter

Food plants:

Juglans, Carya, also Prunus serotina, Liquidambar, Rhus, Fraxinus and Ligustrum ovalifolium


An easy species, suitable for newcomers.  Keep warm and clean. The first 3 instars in well ventilated plastic containers. Older caterpillars in very large and very well ventilated plastic containers or in netted cages. Fast growing and ready to pupate within 4 weeks. Citheronia do not make a cocoon. When ready to pupate treat like Sphingidae and other underground pupating species. The pupal stage in between flights is short (approximately 4 weeks). Pupae of the last flight overwinter in a cool, unheated (frost free) room, not in the fridge.