Bunaeopsis phidias




East Africa, reported from Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi with an odd record from Eritrea (questionable?). The animals depicted here are from the Dzalanyama forest (Malawi) where it is a fairly common species


10 to 11 (12) cm


One flight annually end of the year

Food plants:

Best: Medicago sativa. Accepted: Carex


Extremely difficult, Medicago seems to be the better food plant but even then next to impossible to keep alive during an European winter. Keep in spacious, well ventilated plastic containers. Watch out for condensation and do not give wet leaves. Make sure the food is clean and fresh.  Probably somewhat less difficult on a living plant. Keep at a living room temperature. The caterpillars are ready to pupate within 6 to 7 weeks. The pupal stage takes several months. Don't try to force a second flight.


everything, next to impossible