Automeris zozine




from Mexico south to Nicaragua


between six and a half and eight centimeters


at least two flight annually (depending on the rearing conditions) with cocoons overwintering

Food plants:

Robinia and probably other Fabaceae (be advised that plants typical for rearing this type of Automeris like Corylus, Carpinus, Salix were not accepted)


Not difficult, but some experience is required. Keep in spacious, well ventilated plastic containers (it is impossible to keep cut Robinia fresh in netted cages). Watch out for condensation and do not give wet leaves. Keep the container close to an open window (not in the sun!), as they like a lot of fresh air and a good cooling of at night.  A living room temperature is enough (everything above twenty degrees Celsius, but not too hot (keep it below thirty). Fast growing and ready to pupate in approximately  six to seven weeks . The pupal stage between summer flights is fairly short (three to four weeks). The cocoons at the end of summer should be kept cool and drier for overwintering (an unheated but frost free room is perfect). Moths in spring respond fairly quick to higher temperatures.