Automeris zephyria




occurs only in the south of the USA, from the mountains of central New Mexico south into the Guadalupe Mountains of west Texas, where they fly in juniper and conifer forests above 1400 meter


between eight and ten and a half centimeters


one flight annually from May to July. Cocoons overwinter.

Food plants:

Salix, Quercus, Malus, Rosa


A bit more difficult then the average Automeris.  Keep in well ventilated plastic containers when young, but move to netted cages when older. Watch out for condensation and do not give wet leaves.  This species appreciates a lot of fresh air, so keep close to an open window (not in full sun). Fast growing and ready to pupate in approximately  six to seven weeks . A living room temperature is enough, make sure it does not get too warm (stay below 30 degrees Celsius). The cocoons overwinter in an unheated (but frostfree) room. 


watch out for too wet and too hot conditions