Automeris tridens




Central America, from Mexico south to Costa Rica


between six and eight centimeter for the males, females larger (up to ten centimeter)


continuously when kept warm.

Food plants:

Salix, Quercus, Malus, Rosa, Rubus, Prunus and many more


A very easy species.  Keep in well ventilated plastic containers when young. When older they do equally well in spacious, plastic containers as in netted cages.  Watch out for condensation and do not give wet leaves.  Fast growing and ready to pupate in approximately  six to seven weeks . A living room temperature is enough. When kept warm the moths will emerge after a pupal stage of only three weeks and will continue to do so the whole year. It is possible to slow this down during winter months by keeping the cocoons cool and drier (not recommended though and not necessary as they also do well on evergreen Prunus species like lusitanica and laurocerasus).