Automeris orestes




the northern part of South America from Ecuador to French Guiana and south into Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. This species is now divided into 3 species. Orestes itself may be limited to French Guiana and Suriname. The animals depicted here originate from French Guiana.


medium sized in between eight and ten centimeter, with females larger then males


more or less continuously when kept warm 

Food plants:

prefers woody Fabaceae (Robinia, Gleditsia, ...), has also been reared on Salix. Corylus can be used as well, but growth is extremely slow (though no higher mortality)


Very easy even for people with only limited experience. Keep in well ventilated plastic containers (because of the preferred food plants, which dry out easily, netted cages are less recommended). Watch out for condensation when kept in plastic containers and do not give wet leaves. Fast growing on their preferred food. Ready to pupate in approximately  six to seven weeks . An average living room temperature is enough. The pupal stage is short (only a couple of weeks when kept warm). Do not attempt to overwinter, just let them emerge.


availability of their preferred food plants throughout winter months