Automeris melmon




limited to West and Central Mexico


five to six centimeter


one flight annually (June/july) in captivity sometimes earlier

Food plants:

best on Robinia. Less well on Quercus robur and Salix cinerea/caprea


Breeding this small species can be a little bit tricky. If you do not want your entire brood to collapse in the fourth instar, you have to give them the right conditions. That they originate from Mexico does not mean they need high temperatures. On the contrary, this one is found higher up in the mountains. Keep temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius and provide a very good air circulation. Rearing is in well ventilated plastic containers, which have to be placed close to an open window (not in the sun). A good cooling off at night is beneficial. Fast growing and ready to pupate within six weeks. The cocoons overwinter in a cool, unheated room (frostfree).


avoid too high temperatures during summer