Automeris dagmarae




Central America, from Guatemala and Belize, south to Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador


a large species, with a wingspan up to 14 cm 


more or less continuously when kept warm 

Food plants:

polyphage on Rosaceae (Rubus, Prunus, Rosa, Crataegus, ...), Fagaceae (Quercus, Fagus, ...), Betulaceae (Betula, Alnus, Carpinus, ...), Salix, Populus and probably many more


Very easy, suitable for children. Keep in well ventilated plastic containers or netted cages when older. Watch out for condensation when kept in plastic containers and do not give wet leaves. Fast growing and ready to pupate in approximately  seven weeks . A living room temperature is enough, though higher temperatures make them grow a little bit faster. The pupal stage is only a couple of weeks when kept warm.