Austrocaligula eucalypti




Australia. Introduced in New Zeeland (both the north and the south island).


In between 12 and 14 cm


one flight (in the wild in Spring = the European Autumn = October to December). Imported cocoons hatch either late in the year or hibernate through winter to hatch in Spring. Cocoons can hibernate for several years, so don't throw them away too soon.

Food plants:

Eucalyptus preferred. Accepts Liquidambar as an alternative. Early instars will also start to feed on Betula, however the mortality will be close to 100% which makes it unsuitable to use


Can be very tricky. When they like your rearing conditions they are easy and fast growing (ready to pupate within 4 weeks). When they don't like your conditions the entire brood will most likely collapse. That can happen in every stage, many or all will not make it to the final stage. Avoid fluctuating temperatures. Keep both temperature and humidity as stable as possible on the warmer and drier side. First 3 instars are best kept in well ventilated plastic containers, older caterpillars in a netted cage.