Argema mimosae




east Africa, from Kenya south to South Africa and west to Congo.


in between 10 and 12 cm


up to 3 flights annually, however the moths emerge very irregular and having a pair at the same moment can be difficult when having only a small number of cocoons. Does not really diapause, but it can take several months before the moths appear.

Food plants:

Anacardiaceae (Rhus, Cotinus, Schinus, Sclerocarya, Malosma, ...), also Liquidambar and Eucalyptus gunnii


Not difficult. Keep warm (room temperature or higher). The higher the temperature the faster they grow. Ready to pupate within 4 to 5 weeks (with lower temperatures 6 to 7 weeks). It can take 1 to 2 days before the caterpillars start to feed, some never do. Keep in spacious, well ventilated plastic containers. Keep dry and clean, avoid condensation, do not spray and don't give wet leaves. The ambient air humidity when reared in a plastic container is high enough, no extra spraying is required.


getting the young caterpillars to eat