Archaeoattacus edwardsii




from the Himalayas east to Vietnam and south to Borneo


up to 25 cm for the females, males usually smaller (20 cm or less). In captivity often smaller.


continuously in captivity, but because of their slow development often not more then 2 flights per year

Food plants:

Prunus, Photinia, Ligustrum, Jasminum, Ailanthus, Ilex, Salix and more


Not for newcomers.  Keep at room temperature, in closed plastic containers when young. Older caterpillars can continue in large, plastic containers however more air movement is needed (replace the closed lid by a mesh cover or another breathable fabric). Do not spray, do not give wet leaves, watch out for condensation. Keep very clean. Do not overcrowd (2 or 3 animals per cage is best). Slow growing. It can take up to 2 months before they start spinning their cocoon (faster when reared during summer months). 


not very social, best kept with only a few animals per cage