Antheraea oculea




southern USA (New Mexico, Arizona and Texas) and Mexico (as far south as Sinaloa and Durango)


In between 10 and 15 centimeter 


usually 2 flights during (late) spring and summer. Pupae overwinter.

Food plants:



More difficult then the related polyphemus. Keep very warm and dry in spacious very well ventilated plastic containers (watch out for condensation). Keep very clean (daily cleaning !). Do not overcrowd so that every caterpillar has space to develop. Fast growing and ready to pupate within 4 to 5 weeks.  The cocoons can overwinter in an unheated (but frost free) room. Make sure accidentally emerging moths have enough space to inflate there wings. When temperatures in autumn remain too high, moths can emerge as late as November.


absolutely needs warm, clean and dry conditions